Jordan Bratton “Must Be” (prod. Jordan Bratton and Durkin)

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"I’m gonna get through college without him. I’ll get a great job without him. I’ll marry a beautiful honey, have a bunch of kids and be a better father than he ever was. I don’t need him for that, because there ain’t a thing he could ever teach me about how to love my kids. How come he don’t want me, man?"

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New stuff: But also final stuff
Recently I’ve been having a real clash on conscience with my everyday life and how I am unable to deal with where I am CURRENTLY and where I want to be PHYSICALLY. And a repercussion of that has been me questioning my own abilities. Mainly driven by the fact that I’m more than at year out of University, graduated and still jobless. Only a recent 4 month internship to my name. When I put this in perspective of my friends who haven’t even finished uni yet buy are managing to work - one as an self-employed contractor on £60k a year - and I just look at my current situation like “What am I doing?” - “Why aren’t I like ‘X’?”. And the one thing that I see as a potential problem/stumbling block in me moving on is the internet - being a blogger. I mean I love running this tumblr page and my site - but tbh after nearly 6 years (2008-2014) of this music promotion thing I do, I really don’t have an audience/fan base to call my own. I look at other sites and personalities out there that are way more attention than I do and our more popular than I am - but aren’t as good (my opinion) - and i’m like “Why not me?” Am I not ready for it all? Am I not physically and/or emotional strong to deal with people seeking my approval? Who knows. One thing is for sure is that I can’t keep going on like this. I love music I love the internet I love the people on it who show me love and all, but, people are fickle - me included - and it’s hard to maintain peoples attention. So I’m going to take a break (eventually) from it all. No specific dates but soon, before the end of the year. But before I go I will give you one last compilation mixtape. An 8 track r&b summer vibe themed EP. Perfect music to listen to when watching the sun going down. I call it: Midsummer Nights. Until then I’ll try and keep posts more light hearted for you guys. 

Jhene Aiko “The Pressure” (prod. The Fisticuffs)

All In a Days Work //

The Weeknd “King of the Fall”

All In a Days Work //



The Simpsons did The Hangover back in 1999. 


Kanye West for GQ Magazine August 2014 shot by Patrick Demarchelier.

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My decision to wear my Nike Blazers comes down to one deciding factor: Do I have time to put them on? Anyone who own’s a pair of Nike Blazers high-tops (hopefully) knows my early mornings struggles.